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4 Crucial Things To Know About The ZQuiet Mouthpiece

You’ve probably heard of ZQuiet. It’s a well-known anti-snoring mouthpiece. If you’re already using it, good for you. If not, why not look into it. Who knows? It might be just be the right mouthpiece to help you stop snoring.

ZQuiet mouthpiece is a mandibular advancement device, also known as MAD. It is fitted into the mouth before sleeping to stop the snoring.

The most widely used mouth device for sleep apnea, MADs look much like a mouth guard used in sports. The devices snap over the upper and lower dental arches and have metal hinges that make it possible for the lower jaw to be eased forward.


ZQuiet mouthpiece has been ranked the top anti-snoring mouthpiece for 2019. This is according to

Overall the ZQuiet thoroughly deserves the #1 spot on our list.

On their website you can see numerous five star reviews from individuals just like yourself who have suffered from the negative effects of snoring, and read their stories of how this simple product has changed their entire life for the better.

In addition to the reviews, ZQuiet more importantly has the backing of several well renowned dentists and dental practitioners worldwide. Who praise it for its innovative and non-invasive design.


Now, hold on. It’s not enough to know that ZQuiet mouthpiece is ranked number one. Before deciding on using it, here are 4 crucial things that you should know about this particular mouthpiece.

ZQuiet mouthpiece was created by a couple who suffered a lot from snoring.

It all started because Dan Webster snored. Exiled to the living room couch so his wife Katrina could catch up on her sleep after the birth of their second child, Dan had surgery on his airway in the hope of regaining his place in the bedroom. The elective procedure was not covered by insurance, and after a long and painful recovery period, the snoring returned. It was then that Dan began to research oral appliance therapy, and soon, the couple decided to create their own anti-snoring device.

In 2008, in cooperation with an engineer and a dental sleep practitioner, the Websters created ZQuiet.


The ZQuiet mouthpiece is ready to use. It’s not a boil-and-bite anti-snoring mouthpiece. This is interesting mainly because most of the MAD type mouthpieces are some kind of boil-and-bite situation, which can be good, but also can wear out the mouthpiece quicker.

It is not adjustable but for starters, there are two items of different sizes in one kit so that you can try both and chose the more comfortable one. The manufacturer suggests that the user first tries size No.1 and in case this does not help to decrease snoring, move to size No. 2. The thing is that the former provides a 2-mm jaw advancement while for the latter it is 6 mm.


The ZQuiet mouthpiece has a distinct feature that cannot be found in the other anti-snoring devices.

“Many anti-snoring devices severely restrict the movement of the mouth during the night, by locking the jaws into place,” said Product Reviewer, Brian Lemis. “One of the reasons that I have recommended the ZQuiet as one of the best devices is because of its ‘living hinge technology’; a proprietary, thermoplastic elastomer frame that allows the user to move the jaws, talk or even take a drink at night.”


The ZQuiet mouthpiece is one of the few anti-snoring mouthpieces that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Unlike many forms of sleeping aids on the market, this device is cleared by the FDA. So while it may be cost slightly more than other anti-snoring devices out there, it is also deemed to be safe for use and effective.

An FDA clearance ensures that the product is made of materials that are safe and that it works for its intended purpose. The technology behind it has been used for decades and studies show that moving the lower jaw forward can significantly reduce snoring in over 90% of cases.


At a glance, these are the 4 crucial things to know about the ZQuiet mouthpiece. For a more in-depth review of the mouthpiece, visit

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The Dangers Snoring Women Face

Both men and women snore. Sure, it's a bit of a turn off for some of the women out there but that's reality. Everybody snores. It's just that there are more men who snore.

There exist anatomical differences in the bodies of both women and men that cause men to take the lead. 4 out of every 10 men snore, in comparison to roughly 3 out of 10 women.


Here’s a good reason why men snore more than women.

Men are born with air channels that are narrower than women’s—and this causes unpleasant noise during night time. The narrower the air passage, the harder it is for the oxygen to flow during the normal breathing activity. Also, when air is forced through a narrow opening, the tissues surrounding it vibrate aggressively and snoring becomes louder as a result.

Statistically, men consume alcohol more often than females do; they are also more likely to consume it in excess. The tendency to smoke is more in men as compared to women, leaving them vulnerable to snoring as a side effect.

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That explains why women are usually portrayed as victims of snoring partners. Nonetheless, that doesn’t change the fact that women snore as well. There are a lot of reasons why women snore. Weight gain is one of the reasons why there are snoring  women.

Transitional phases such as pregnancy, menopause, and hormonal imbalance can really change a woman’s metabolism. Often times, a change in a woman’s metabolism leads to weight gain.

Weight gain is one of the reasons for snoring loud. Hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, and menopause are the transitional phases in which there is an alteration in a women’s metabolism. Snoring and weight gain are closely associated. Excessive weight leads to skin build up around the neck area. This excess fat narrows the air passage and causes a hindrance in the airflow, resulting in the loud sound that we call snoring.


Exhaustion can also cause women to snore. Since the muscles are more relaxed when the body is tired, loud snoring is most likely to happen.

The larynx gets very relaxed when they are tired and it causes the snoring effect or pattern.


In line with that, it’s interesting to note that women are more tired than men nowadays. With more and more women taking on more tasks, in and out of the home, it’s no surprise that they end up exhausted at the end of the day.  Who can blame them if they end up snoring?

While snoring is inevitable for some women out there, there are ways to prevent it. They could try to lose weight or simply change their sleeping position. It's been proven that back sleepers tend to snore more than side sleepers. So maybe a simple change in sleeping position could help.

Now, if the snoring is really bad and simple solutions aren't helping at all, then it's time to take some action.  Truth be told, snoring women face the danger of acquiring a serious health condition called sleep apnea.

Besides its social stigma, snoring can signal underlying health problems. In the most serious cases, it's a sign that something is blocking your windpipe and preventing oxygen from getting to the brain; this is a potentially dangerous condition known as sleep apnea.

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Sleep apnea can take a dangerous toll on a woman’s body. A serious heart disease is just one of the dangers a snoring woman faces.

"We consider snoring innocuous, but it's absolutely not," says Rubin Naiman, Ph.D., a sleep specialist at Miraval Spa in Catalina, Arizona. "It's an early warning signal that something is starting to go in the wrong direction with the body. It's associated with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. And there is a link between sleep apnea and depression."


The dangers snoring women face are very real. If snoring women don’t look into treatment, they could easily endanger their health.

A snoring mouthpiece like the one featured on can easily reduce, if not, eradicate, the snoring.

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Snoring Mouthpieces: Do They Actually Work?

When it comes to snoring, stop complaining. Sure, snoring sucks. After all, it’s really annoying to have a partner who snores. You just can’t get any sleep with someone who snores.

You wake up tired. Then you complain about the whole situation only to end up irritating your snoring partner. No matter how perfect your relationship seems to be, fighting is inevitable.

That's the whole point.  Complaining won’t stop nor prevent snoring.  The most that you can get from complaining is a heated argument. If that goes on and on, well, it could put a strain on your relationship.

It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that snoring can wreak havoc on relationships, but research certainly backs it up: In a National Sleep Foundation poll, a whopping 50 percent of people who were at risk for sleep apnea (that is, they scored high on a questionnaire about snoring and daytime drowsiness) or who had a partner at risk for sleep apnea reported that it caused problems in their relationship. And 28 percent said that their intimate or sexual relationship had been affected because they were too sleepy.

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You have to do something about the snoring. Don’t expect your partner to do something about it. To start with, your partner can’t hear the annoying snoring. You’re the one who can't sleep. You're the one who is up all night. So it’s really up to you to do something about it.

Snoring is a treatable problem, but no matter what causes it and no matter what measures you choose to take to resolve it, the most important thing you should do is ask for your partner’s support.

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Instead of complaining about it incessantly, sit down with your partner and talk about the situation. Together, you guys can work things out without having to resort to drastic solutions. You really don’t want to end up sleeping in another room, do you?

Don’t let snoring get between you and your partner. After all, there are snoring mouthpieces devices that can help your snoring partner.

Before you go running out of the house to get some snoring mouthpieces, it’s a must that you and your partner consult a doctor first. That way, you’ll get a good recommendation as to which kind to choose.

The primary function of Mouthpiece to stop snoring is to hold the jaw properly for the alignment of air flow which improves radically due to the movement of the tongue and soft palate. The problem of snoring occurs due to poor movement of air through the lungs but the consequences can be devastating. It is important to choose the right aid at first but you need to compare different options before arriving at a solution.


Here are four options for you to consider. Good Morning Snore Solution is doctor-recommended, clinically proven, and very easy to use. It can be worn with dentures. It might take some time to get used to it but it works.

The mouthpiece is flexible, made of a soft material and is BPA-free. Because the design is truly unique and not at all like that of MAD snoring mouthpieces, this is a one size fits all mouthpiece, which is very convenient – no need to stress about sizing.


ZQuiet is very easy to use. It helps stop snoring in any sleeping position. ZQuiet helps open the airway by gently positioning the lower jaw forward. The snorer can also open and close mouth even with the mouthpiece.

The ZQuiet is quite different in that with the mouthpiece in position you can open and close your mouth.


SleepTight is relatively new. It was developed and introduced to the market by Dr. Mike Williams in 2014. Before being worn, SleepTight needs to be dipped in hot water. That way, it softens up so that the snorer can bite into it to create teeth impressions. Once that’s done, it’s customized and ready to be worn.

Thermoplastic ‘boil and bite’ technology works like it sounds. You simply put it in boiling water for three minutes. Then, insert it in your mouth and clamp down on it. This creates a custom impression of your teeth. Once done, submerge it in cold water to ensure you get this custom fit night after night.


SnoreRX uses the same boil-and-bite technology as SleepTight. However, SnoreRX boasts a distinct feature called “MicroFit.”

SnoreRx features something called “MicroFit” that will adjust the position of your lower jaw for maximum comfort and effectiveness.


These four snoring mouthpieces are definitely worth looking into. But before choosing one, it’s best that you learn more about each one of them.

To learn more about Good Morning Snore Solution, visit For reviews on ZQuiet, check out For more information about SleepTight, go to Get to know more about SnoreRx on

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Here’s How To Stop Snoring Immediately

Do you snore? You probably do. Fact is, almost everybody does. Snoring is a very common condition and it affects almost everybody. The interesting thing about snoring is that it usually affects men.

Snoring is a common condition that can affect anyone, although it occurs more frequently in men and people who are overweight. Snoring has a tendency to worsen with age.


Suffice to say, women also snore. The older they get, the more chances that they end up snoring.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, snoring affects 90 million adults, 37 million of them on a regular basis. And while men are twice as likely as women to snore among younger folk, that gap closes after menopause, and women snore in equal numbers.


If you think the kids are spared, think again.

Snoring in children is quite common – about 15 to 20 per cent of children snore.


So, there you have it. Snoring does affect people of all ages and gender. There’s really nothing wrong with snoring as long as it’s occasional and it’s not too loud to wake up the whole house.

If it’s habitual and loud enough to keep everybody up, then it’s a cause for alarm. Snoring doesn’t just lead to some serious health risks. It can also lead to some nasty fallouts with people who just can’t seem to handle the loud situation.

A poll conducted by the sleep foundation in 2005 found that sleep problems—most commonly snoring—not only have an impact on how well you sleep but can negatively affect relationships between bed partners. The snoring situation is so dire, in fact, that more and more newly constructed homes are being built with two master bedrooms, or small “snoring rooms” for the offender. That may sound extreme, but only to someone who hasn’t been serenaded in the wee hours by the maddening multiple frequencies and breathing inconsistencies that constitute snoring—unlike white noise, which is constant and far less disturbing.


Seeing the negative impact of snoring on personal relationships, you’d want to make sure that you don’t end up being a habitual snorer. Furthermore, you’d also want to spare yourself from ending up with one who is. So, now, ask yourself. What are the chances? It’s really hard to tell. After all, there are so many causes of snoring.

When you think about it, that snoring increases with age makes sense. As we age we lose muscle tone everywhere, including in our palates, which become flabby and thus more susceptible to vibration. Allergies or being overweight can also contribute to snoring. Drinking alcohol before bedtime, which relaxes the muscles in the airway, is another potential cause. Or you may simply have been born to snore. “Some people have larger tongues or palates than others, or thick necks or a weak glossopharygeal nerve (which helps control the tongue), says Ralph Pascualy, MD, medical director of the Swedish Sleep Medicine Institute in Seattle. “It’s often many factors that interact in different ways.”


At this point, you’re probably asking yourself one simple question and that is, how to stop snoring immediately? That is one good question to ask. Truth be told, the sooner you deal with snoring, the better.

There are natural ways to treat snoring. The most popular way to treat it naturally is by changing your sleeping position.

When you lie on your back, the muscles of your throat collapse and your throat becomes narrower. Your breathing causes vibrations, which lead to snoring. Sleeping on your side may help prevent your throat from becoming as narrow, which in can fix loud snoring.


While changing your sleep position is an effective way to stop snoring, the results might not be immediate. If you want an immediate solution to your snoring problem, get with your doctor first.

Only your doctor can recommend a snoring mouthpiece that actually works. These days, there are a lot of snoring mouthpieces in the market. It’s important that you choose something like that’s safe to use.

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