Monday, 8 July 2019

Correcting Sleep Apnea In Women With Snoring Mouthpieces

Long Beach, California based The Snoring Mouthpiece Review recently published two new blog entries where they discuss the effects of sleep apnea on women and how to prevent the damage caused by this condition.

In one of the articles, "Study Finds That Women Underestimate Their Snoring", the company illustrates the importance of treating snoring as the serious health condition that it is, regardless of the person's gender. Steve Walker, a company representative, asserts, "While men accept and embrace their snoring, seeking ways to fix it, women seem to feel shamed by this fact when they are the bearers of this condition. Recent studies have found that most of the women who snore ignore their condition—and deny it too—putting them in a dire situation where they're at the mercy of the consequences of sleep apnea."

The study looked at 1,913 patients, of an average age of 49 years, who were referred to a sleep disorder center at a university hospital. Of all the patients registered, it was found that 88% of the attendants snore on a daily basis, but only 72% of them accepted it publicly and admitted they do so. This behaviour supports a dangerous situation where women are denied the treatment that is necessary to treat their snoring, especially since it was also found to be just as serious as it is for men.

Snoring is often a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that can significantly affect different aspects of a person's life. Walker explains, "Just because women feel like their snoring isn't as bad as their partners’, neglecting the proper treatment is not justified. Snoring is a serious condition that has to be treated, and the first step to treating it is to openly accept it. If your wife is a habitual, and loud, snorer, her health could be at risk, and she should get treatment for it as soon as possible."

In another recent article, "Healing And Preventing The Damage Caused By The Injuries of Snoring" the company discusses some of the most common consequences of loud snoring, and the health conditions it can lead to. Walker says, "Snoring is really dangerous. Heavy snoring can cause a quick stoppage of breathing that can easily endanger a person’s life. Habitual snoring can lead to some serious health and relationship problems. Overall, snoring has only downsides and no benefits, and there is really no reason to neglect the treatment that can cure it."

The recurrent vibrations caused by snoring can also lead to injuries in the upper airways of people who snore heavily, causing swallowing dysfunctions that render individuals more vulnerable to developing obstructive sleep apnea. Moreover, this only further proves the point that snoring is a serious condition which should be corrected before any negative symptoms affect an individual's overall health.

The Snoring Mouthpiece Review states that there many different ways to treat this condition—some of which can provide immediate results—by natural means. The experts recommend that snorer’s consider using snoring mouthpieces, which can immediately resolve their condition, reducing the snoring and allowing the patient's health to recover naturally.

There are many options when it comes to snoring mouthpieces, all of which allow afflicted parties to completely restrain their snoring while they sleep. These devices are designed to hold the tongue and jaw in place, allowing the body to recover from the damage it has sustained from the condition.

Through their website, The Snoring Mouthpiece Review offers a complete catalogue listing each of the different types of mouthpieces an individual can use, according to their needs, along with the company's recommendations and reviews. These products are easy to purchase and do not require a doctor’s prescription, making them one of the best solutions that snorers’ can find.

For more information on how snoring can cause permanent harm, interested parties may visit the blog hosted on The Snoring Mouthpieces Review's website. They may also contact Steve Walker for further information regarding the company and their products.

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