Wednesday, 17 April 2019

The Snoring Mouthpiece Review Awards ZQuiet Its MAD Mouthpiece Of The Year Award For 2019

As part of its commitment to offering unbiased, rigorous reviews of snoring cessation products such as mouthpieces, pillows, chin straps and software applications, The Snoring Mouthpiece Review has awarded the ZQuiet® its 2019 MAD Mouthpiece of the Year, beating out other rivals in the category.

Snoring mouthpieces are typically categorized in one of two ways: 1. MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device, and 2. TSD or Tongue Stabilizing Devices. The MAD category remains the most popular in the realm of anti snoring mouthpieces, with TSD devices quickly gaining ground thanks to the key star in the category, the Good Morning Snore Solution.

The MAD category features literally 15-20 other major mouthpiece manufacturers doing battle for snoring mouthpiece supremacy, so separating individual products can be tough for the inexperienced user.

"We truly believe that the ZQuiet, at least when it comes to Mandibular Adjustment Devices, is easily the best and most usable mouthpiece of 2019," said Steve Walker, spokesman for The Snoring Mouthpiece Review. "Its design remains a really unique selling point, as it allows freedom of movement where many other MAD designs do not."

One of the key drawbacks for many MAD users is that this style of mouthpiece tends to lock the jaw in position - a problem that can create many issues. As an example, some MAD mouthpieces do not allow you to breathe through your mouth, which is a problem for many snorers. Additionally, by freezing the jaw in place, many people can become subject to problems with the jaw that can lead to serious difficulties such as TMJ disorders - the ZQuiet avoids this issue with the use of its revolutionary "Living Hinge Technology".

"When it comes to overall comfort and flexibility of use, ZQuiet really does not have much in terms of direct competitors," said Walker. "The movable hinge easily corrects what is one of the toughest issues that people tend to have with MAD snoring mouthpieces - jaw and dental problems caused by repositioning the jaw incorrectly."

The benefits of ZQuiet are numerous, but certainly it is jaw mobility that make it a major standout. Unlike many MAD style mouthpieces, there is no need to boil the plastic in order to create a tight fit, and the user is allowed the freedom to move the jaw from side to side and to open and close the mouth.

"The basic MAD anti mouthpiece design has for all intents and purposes really been going pretty strongly since the 1980s," said Walker. "Although many devices have come and gone, the ZQuiet is one of the rare MAD devices that really has innovated with its design. It does seem like the designers started with more of a clean slate here, and the result has addressed many of the problems that other mouthpieces still suffer from."

Although it is not unique to ZQuiet, the company does offer a 30 day $9.95 trial to new users seeking to treat their snoring. This "close to free trial" gives the user the ability to really "try before you buy", which is particularly key because snoring mouthpieces are not necessarily effective for 100% of users.

"Treating snoring can often be a very unique proposition depending on the snorer," said Walker. "While there are certainly standards, creating a one-size-fits-all product to address a variety of people is not easy, and we think that ZQuiet has done so very successfully."

This is the first year that The Snoring Mouthpiece Review has offered an award for best MAD snoring mouthpiece, but certainly will not be the last, as the website intends to re-look at the devices annually from now on. This award allows the site's large user base to differentiate between other MAD mouthpieces.

The Snoring Mouthpiece Review continues to review new and exciting snoring cessation products in 2019, including such popular devices as the Smart Nora and a variety of snoring pillows. Readers can get a full, unbiased review of the ZQuiet by reading here.

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