Thursday, 18 April 2019

The Snoring Mouthpiece Review Awards Good Morning Snore Solution Its Mouthpiece Of The Year Award For 2019

Continuing its commitment to offering unbiased, rigorous reviews of snoring cessation products such as mouthpieces, pillows, chin straps and software applications, The Snoring Mouthpiece Review has awarded the Good Morning Snore Solution® its 2019 Snoring Mouthpiece of the Year, beating out other rivals.

Although snoring mouthpieces are typically categorized in one of two ways: 1. MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device, and 2. TSD or Tongue Stabilizing Devices, the Good Morning Snore Solution basically all but defines the second category. MAD mouthpiece designs remain the most popular in terms of manufacture, but the TSD category has become a real player in the industry, almost wholly because of the Good Morning Snore Solution.

"Although there are maybe one or two other instances of TSD snoring mouthpieces, only Good Morning Snore Solution has been broadly accepted and sold directly to the public," said Steve Walker, spokesman for The Snoring Mouthpiece Review. "Its design is extremely popular, which does beg the question why other TSD manufacturers aren't embracing the current trend of offering their mouthpieces directly to the public."

Although a competing mouthpiece called the AveoTSD has begun marketing itself in the TSD category, its reach is nowhere near that of Good Morning Snore Solution, which is reviewed here. This may be due to the fact that until very recently, the AveoTSD was virtually unknown outside of some dental offices.

"Comparing MAD to TSD mouthpieces is a little like comparing apples and oranges, as the design factors are generally hugely different," said Walker. "But the TSD form factor is definitely a superior one, at least in terms of helping the snorer while minimizing any kind of side effects."

MAD snoring mouthpieces tend, in general, to be more rigid in their design, and are usually placed wholly in the mouth. The resulting side effects for certain users can unfortunately include TMJ problems, and teeth and jaw issues that can actually be harmful, depending on the snorer. With Good Morning Snore Solution, meanwhile, the worst side effects look more like minor disadvantages, including dry lips, the inability to sleep with your mouth open and a higher potential that the mouthpiece falls out during sleep.

"In terms of risk/reward for the snoring mouthpieces, it really isn't very close," said Walker. "We hear from hundreds of mouthpiece users, and typically the complaints of actual harmful side effects come solely from the MAD side."

In terms of ease of use, no other mouthpiece in either the MAD or TSD category can compare to the Good Morning Snore Solution. Structured much like a baby soother, the product can simply be inserted and used right away, in contrast to many MAD mouthpieces, which require a sizing process that can include placing the device in boiling water.

"The Good Morning Snore Solution is a rare item in the snoring mouthpiece category in general, mainly because it's so easy to use," said Walker. "Although it doesn't work for people who sleep with their mouth open, the sheer safety of this device when compared with others just can't be beat."

Another one of the benefits that the Good Morning Snore Solution offers is that during its design, it actually went through clinical trials. In the world of snoring cessation products, it is extremely rare to see this kind of study, which points to the solid foundation the product was built on.

"In terms of credibility, there really is nothing better than clinical trials when it comes to launching a product in the snoring cessation area," said Walker. "The company is obviously very confident in its product, which is also underlined by the mouthpiece's available 30 day free trial."

This is the first year that The Snoring Mouthpiece Review has offered an award for best overall snoring mouthpiece, but certainly will not be the last, as the website will reassess the advantages of each mouthpiece annually. The site recently recognized the ZQuiet as its MAD Mouthpiece of the year for 2019.

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